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NEWS: FXX To air longest ever Simpsons marathon

The Simpsons are coming back for a 28th season and to celebrate Channel FXX are airing every Simpsons episode ever! The ‘Every Simpsons Ever Marathon‘ will be coming to FX UK on October 2nd – and remember the FX Network (owned by FOX)  is available via SKY & Virgin.

A total of 600 episodes will be aired back to back on the channel which adds up to a total of over 300 hours of Simpsons magic across a staggering 13 days. Start cashing in your holidays in work or come down with a stomach bug for school to watch the entire marathon! Grintage take no responsibility for people being fired, expelled or failing exams. Of course set to record and watch at will.

In 2014 FXX had a hugely successful ‘Every Simpsons ever Marathon’  showing though a mere 552 episodes over a 12 day period 

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