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TV NEWS – Comedy Central launch Spoof Digital Series

Step inside the wild world of Hollywood press junkets where reporters are much more interested in themselves than their subjects. 

The Junketeers is an eight part series produced by Josh Horowitz and Ben Lyons. The series revolves around five journalists roaming the junket circuit and resenting it.

Celebrity appearances include Josh Duhamel, Gillian Jacobs, Chloe Moretz, Eli Roth, Emily Ratajkowski, Tom Felton, Matt Bomer and many more.

Watch Kristen Bell slap a drunk reporter.

“It’s an insane construct, the entertainment journalism movie junket,” says Horowitz. “We’ve talked about it with publicists and talent and other journalists for years. Everybody kind of hates it, it’s just one of those things that’s been around for decades and no one has figured out a better way.

“We would talk about how bizarre and insane the circumstances are around red carpets and junkets,” he says. “And we both thought it was a ripe environment for comedy.”

“It’s a workplace comedy where their office happens to be nice hotels,” says Lyons.

After Kevin gets fired, Matt Bomer tries to stop him from spiraling out of control while the rest of the gang scrambles to get his job.


The format of this new web series reminds us of Sean Burke’s Hollywood Hijack which also involves weird and wonderful interviews with a-list celebrities. Enjoy and we are always happy to receive new digital content at share@grintageireland.com




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