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The most popular show on British TV is written and performed by award winning  Irish comedian BRENDAN O’CARROLL and his family troupe of actors. 

A special LIVE episode of MRS BROWN’S BOYS will air this Saturday on both BBC1 in Britain and co-producers RTE1 in Ireland at 9.45pm and O’Carroll told the BBC Radio Times magazine that ‘there will be no usual five-second delay for the one-off live show’ which afford’s producers the chance to block out anything offensive including the often used F word.

The star, who plays foul-mouthed Agnes Brown, said he finds the temptation to curse too irresistible … especially when he’s told not to.

“I know what I’m going to do out there, but I don’t know what Mrs Brown is going to do… So we’ll just have to wait and see. I do get told sometimes to watch the swearing,” BOC told the Radio Times magazine. “I always say: I wish you hadn’t told me because now I’m going to do it.

“When we started, I always expected to have the f*** meeting and they called me in and said that if I stopped saying it, they could put the show on earlier and make me a big star. And I said I didn’t want to be a big star and so we’d make it as we wanted and if they had to put it out at 2am, then so be it.”

Check out Mrs Browns Boys Bloopers from series 2.…Nothing like this will happen LIVE this weekend or will it?!



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