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Has US TV found a new ‘Friends’?

That’s to be decided but the annual gamble on commissioning new scripted comedy in the USA is well underway.  

There are a few new TV comedies worth coming down the line and grintage spotted 3 we hope come our way – two featuring the vast talents of Louis C.K. & Judd Apatow.

The Pilot Season in LA is just one big feeding frenzy with new shows (drama & comedy mostly) trying to attract series interest from the broadcasters. And of course international buyers. Everyone is trying to find the new ‘Friends’ – a potentially syndicated international breakthrough hit that not just launches the careers of a new brood of sitcom stars but also makes a pile of moolah for the creators, producers and distributors.

Not too long ago star Irish comedy writer & actress Amy Huberman (Moone Boy etc) was very open about about not landing a part in a new American comedy series after being cast in the pilot.

And good news for comedy fans – there seems to be a new hot wave of US TV comedy on the horizon and who knows what may pop on your TV (or screen of your choice) in next few months?  And remember Louis C.K. is live in Dublin in a couple of months …

NEWS – LOUIS C.K. Live in Dublin August 2016

And the man himself features in show No.1

See below our 3 tips for new US TV comedies (with thanks to indiewire) 


Synopsis: A Paris-trained clown returns to the States, and can only find work at a rodeo.

What You Need To Know: Louis CK is more or less the crown prince of US cablenet FX: while he’s taking a year or two off “Louie” to focus on a new movie, he’s got three separate projects at the channel, including an animated pilot co-written with Albert Brooks, and “Better Things,” which stars long-time collaboratorPamela Adlon.

The first to arrive, however, will be “Baskets,” which he co-created with Zach Galafianakis, who also stars in the title role. Seeming to fit nicely into the “Louie”/“Bojack Horseman” sad-com tradition, it’s the first small screen showcase for the “Hangover” megastar since since “Bored To Death,” and looks to be the strongest example yet of his particular comic voice, right down to a role for alter-ego/faux twin brother Seth Galafianakis. “Portlandia” and “Kroll Show” veteran Jonathan Krisel helmed the pilot, and the supporting cast seems to mostly involve newcomers, so Galafianakis is certainly the big draw here.

First great show of 2016?


Synopsis: Comedy set in a high school, centering on the ambitious, plotting vice principals who run the place.

What You Need To Know:Eastbound & Down’ has already passed into comedy lore — a near faultless run from 2009 to 2013, even succeeding when it returned for a fourth season having apparently ended after the third. We’ve been keenly waiting to see what creators Jody Hill and Danny McBride would do next, and the result should arrive later this year with “Vice Principals,” a high-school-set comedy. Making the central characters educators should go some way to giving McBride a chance to show a different side to his persona from ‘Eastbound,’ and he’s got a hugely talented co-lead this time around: the great Walton Goggins, hot off “The Hateful Eight” co-stars, while Busy Phillips, Shea Whigham, Dale Dickey and R.J. Cyler co-star, and Will Ferrell and Bill Murray are expected to cameo.

With all that and David Gordon Green directing episodes again, it’s no wonder that HBO have already picked up 18 episodes (likely to be spread over two or even three seasons).


Synopsis: Comedy following the relationship between a sweet, hapless, nerdy guy and a beautiful, free-spirited woman.

What You Need To Know: Though he was a key figure in helping to get “Girls” made, and has regularly written, directed or produced episodes of Lena Dunham’s HBO show, Judd Apatow hasn’t created a TV series since “Undeclared” fourteen years ago, but that changes with this new show, developed in collaboration with real-life couple Paul Rust and Lesley Arfin. In fact, it’s already Apatow’s most successful show — neither “Undeclared” nor “Freaks & Geeks” made it past season one, but Netflix picked up “Love” for two seasons straight off the bat, which certainly seems like a vote of confidence.

The show’s billed as a contemporary, authentic take on the rom-com, with Rust playing a version of himself, and “Community” and “Girls” standout Gillian Jacobs as his better half. Australian comic Claudia O’Doherty and veteran Dave ‘Gruber’ Allen are also in the cast.

Is it impossible for an Irish written and produced (set in Ireland) TV comedy to get into the LA Pilot Season? 



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