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NEW MOVIE: The Comedian’s Guide to Survival

James Buckley also known as Jay from The Inbetweeners or Del boy from Rock ‘N’ Chips is back on our screens but this time its the movie screen as star of The Comedian’s Guide to Survival.

Buckley is attempting to break free of the mid teen school boy jay character people have grown to love and hate depending on which side of the fence you fall on with The Inbetweeners.

Inbetweeners star Buckley will be looking to shake off the critics with The Comedian’s Guide to Survival after the failed prequel Rock N Chips. His new movie plot focuses on the main characters attempt at a real life stand up career.

The synopsis reads: Struggling comedian James Mullinger (based on the eponymous, real-life comedian) has come to a crossroads in his life; no one wants to see him perform, his wife is fed up, and his day time boss has given him an ultimatum – take a promotion and never do stand up again, or stick to the comedy and lose his job. To add salt to the wound, his boss sends him to L.A. to interview some of the greatest comedians alive for the magazine.
Through spending time with his former heroes, a faint glimmer of his passion for stand-up comedy begins to stir again…

Starring James Buckley and featuring Paul Kaye, MyAnna Buring, Tim McInnerny, Mark Heap, as well appearances from Jimmy Carr and Omid Djalili.

The Comedian’s Guide to Survival  is in cinemas October 28th



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