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New Comedy Show About Useless Trivia

The half-hour comedy will make you an expert in useless information. 

The roundtable show What Do You Know? will be available on the streaming service go90 and will debut on the Verizon mobile app on Jan. 30. It will be hosted by Rooster Teeth co-founder Joel Heyman

The line up includes guest like stand-up comedian Lane Moore, technology YouTuber Austin Evans, actor/comedian Moses Storm, BuzzFeed’s Executive Creative Producer Summer Anne Burton, Emmy-nominated comedian Mike Lawrence, co-host of truTV’s Almost Genius Chris Fairbanks and Austin-based comedian Maggie Maye.

The show will involve Heyman and his guests chatting about a wide and random variety of subjects such as time travel, ghosts, robots and cheating. Rooster Teeth personalities Barbara Dunkelman, Blaine Gibson, Josh Flanagan, Ashley Jenkins, Jack Pattillo, Chris Demarais, Miles Luna and others will also make appearances.

If you don’t know what Rooster Teeth is, it’s an American production company that focuses mainly on comedy. It has produced live action shorts and series, gameplay and animations. It has over 8.9 million subscribers and over 4.7 billion video views on Youtube. Here’s a look back on their year in 2016:


“You know that friend in your circle that seems to have endless reams of useless knowledge stored away in their head?” Heyman, who co-created the show, said in a statement. “We’re hoping to make every viewer into a version of that guy with this new show.””We love doing shows like this,” Hullum told Mashable in an email interview. “We have an ever growing variety of shows like the RT Podcast and Always Open that offer a forum for Rooster Teeth personalities to talk about current events, but we’ve never had a show where we could really dive deep on a single subject for an extended period of time. That’s what makes What Do You Know unique for us, and I think Joel Heyman and his creative team have done an amazing job of making a roundtable that’s truly hilarious and well-informed at the same time.”



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