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TV NEWS – Brown In The USA!

Brendan O’Carroll is heading to Hollywood with Madea – the US equivalent of Mrs Brown.

Medea’s a tough no-nonsense elderly black woman, played by actor and director Tyler Perry. Madea is a household name in America and has been interviewed by some of the biggest names including Dr Phil and Oprah Winfrey.

Check out her interview with Oprah below.

“Tyler is a fantastic writer and performer. We are exploring what a movie would look like with both Mrs Brown and Madea and we are laughing a lot,” Brendan said.

Tyler has released several  movies e.g. ‘Madea goes to jail’, ‘Madeas Big Happy Family’. Check out the trailer for her eighth movie in the Madea series due out this October ‘Boo! A Madea Halloween’.

Back story? Ex con Madea has buried nine husbands making Mrs Brown look like a very timid creature. Maybe Madea needs Mrs Brown to tame her?

“The very thought of the brilliant Brendan O’Carroll and I working together has got me beyond excited. And the thought of Mrs Brown meeting Madea?.?.?.?hysterical!” Tyler told The Sun.

Why would we slag off Agnes making it as big in the USA as she has here? Beir bua Mrs Brown!





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