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Michael McIntyre Goes Through An Irish Recognition Scanner

After three years, comedian, Michael McIntyre is returning to the live stage with his Big World Tour. 

“I’m so excited about it!” he told the Irish Independent  “Stand-up comedy is what I do, and it’s so rewarding. If you write a joke and tell it to an audience of 15,000 people who laugh their heads off at it, it’s the best feeling in the world… What more could you ever want?”

The English comedian has three Irish dates in his tour. He will be performing in Dublin’s 3Arena Thursday 7th, Friday 08 June & Saturday 09 June.

McIntyre has catered this dates for his audience and created Irish jokes. These include his Irish Recognition Scanner bit.

“I remember that joke,” he says.  “When I was coming to Dublin to film the Comedy Roadshow, I came a day or two early to try to immerse myself in Dublin life to have some local jokes and before I even got on the plane in London an Irish man at security asked me to go in the ‘Iris’ recognition scanner which sounded like ‘Irish’ recognition scanner. I haven’t had to go in one before or since I don’t even know if they still exist. That was a gift.

“I’m on a World Tour at the moment and try in every place to make local jokes, so I will be on the lookout when I come to Dublin. With a bit of luck airport security can come up with something for me again.”



He praises Irish audiences, “They have always been amazing and I think the 3Arena is one of the best to play in the world. The arena actually feels like a theatre but has 9,000 people in it, 9,000 Irish people which is even better. It’s a gig I really look forward to.”

Michael McIntyre Adds Third 3Arena Date!








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