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Marian Keyes Has New Comedy Coming To Radio 4

Marian Keyes has just been commisioned for her own series.

For the first time Marian Keyes has been commisioned for her own comedy series and it will be on BBC Radio 4. She will be joined but lots of other big names including Bridget Christie and Joanna Lumley.

The series will be produced by Steve Doherty for Giddy Goat productions. “Between Ourselves with Marian Keyes” will be based on her bestselling collections of essays Under the Duvet and Making It Up As I Go AlongComedian, Tara Flynn, Will be joining her in conversation in each episode.



Keyes said: “What an opportunity – I was delighted to be asked. I love Radio 4, so many great stories and storytellers – and now me. It’ll be great fun to work with the fabulous Tara Flynn, too. We’ve so much in common and so much to talk about.”

Steve Doherty, m.d. of Giddy Goat Productions, said:  “It’s rare to find such imaginative storytelling, gripping life experiences and a hugely engaging personality wrapped up in one, tiny, beautifully-shoed package – but that’s what we have with Marian. I’m really looking forward to working with her and presenting her to the BBC Radio 4 audience.”

Louise Moore, m.d. of Michael Joseph, which publishes Keyes, said: “We are thrilled that Radio 4 have commissioned “Between Ourselves” with Marian Keyes. Marian’s unique voice and humour alongside her genius for storytelling will be a treat for Radio 4 listeners.”

Other big names such as Joanna Lumley and Rowan Atkinson will also be taking part in the series.