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Maeve Higgins Is Back In Ireland And Making A Movie

One of our favourite Irish comedians, Maeve Higgins is back in Ireland. 

Maeve broke through when she started fooling the Irish public on RTE Two comedy prank series Naked Camera back in 2005. Maeve has come a long way since then and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

In recent years the comedian has been living in New York but has returned home to film her new movie Extra Ordinary. In the movie, she plays a lonely driving instructor who can communicate with ghosts.


Written and directed by duo Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman is to be produced by Katie Holly and Ailish Bracken of Blinder Films.

The film had been written with Maeve in mind but one thing that was overlooked was that she doesn’t have a driving license.

So, what happened was, they started writing it a few years ago and they were saying, “we think a really funny idea would be to be a driving instructor and it would lead to all these funny things.
I can drive, I just don’t have the test. You know the way people say that? I thought, ‘I’ll learn’. Then I thought, ‘this isn’t going to happen. A film with a female lead? Yeah right’.”

Maeve assumed the movie was a long way off – “A movie with a female lead? Yeah right! – until they got the funding together and assumed she was ready for road.

Upon learning that she was not, they suggested a week-long driving course for her. However, she’s opted for a body double instead.

Somebody who can drive – a man or woman with similar King Charles/Spaniel hair.”

She appeared on The Late Late Show last week. Here she is chatting about her gorgeous dog Shadow.





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