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Let’s Give John C Reilly An Irish Passport

If anyone has ever gone to America or met an American there’s a high chance that they told you they were some part Irish.

John C Reilly is no exception. In case you didn’t cop from his surname, he actually does have a bit of Irish in him.

Check out the interview below where he tells RTE Entertainment  “I’m trying to get citizenship there right now,” he said, adding with a laugh, “I hope someone has the good sense to send me a passport.”

When asked what the differences were between filming in Kerry and Vietnam he said:

“Not a big difference ironically”, he said, laughing. “No of course [there are]. Both very green places, a lot of water, lot of islands and little rocky outcroppings, but pub life’s a little better in Kerry, I’ll say that and it was a little easier for me to get around in Kerry because I speak the language, or at least one of the languages.”

“It’s tough to compare the two but I had a good time in both places.”







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