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We Have to Talk About Kevin Hart …

It’s only January 2016 and already grintage welcomes the No.1 US comedy superstar to Dublin … and while we here in grintage try and trace Kevin’s roots to the Harts in Donegal, read on and give credit where credit is due.

Comedian, producer and actor Kevin Hart has sold nearly 20,000 tickets for his 2 live shows at the 3 Arena in Dublin on January 22nd – adding a 18.00 show after tickets for his later show at 21.30 pm were snapped up in record time. All tickets are sold out except for some single seats here and there at 6pm. The other option is to purchase ‘re-sale’ seats online for the 2nd show – with the cheapest €88 ticket and the highest a cool €599 to sit front of stage.

Born in Philly USA, now living in LA, the magic of his worldwide popularity lies not just on his clever, funny and insightful comedy – or his ever successful film roles – but also on his commercial powerbase achieved via social media. This is why Kevin Hart flies into town to play packed arenas without street posters and radio ads. He’s a promoter’s dream.

On twitter Kevin follows only 525 but in return is followed by nearly 25,000,000 people – that’s a staggering 25 million. His Facebook page fares well too with over 21 million ‘friends’.

Most of us caught up with Kevin Hart on you tube. He plays the 2nd screen magnificently attracting millions upon millions of viewers across a series of channels driven by his own company Hartbeat Productions. Kevin Hart Nation is a ‘look behind the scenes’ of his own day to day life. A Jimmy Fallon hosted Lipsynch battle between Hart and Will Ferrell has now close to 60,000,000 views? The global reach means a global fanbase and by the end of March 2016 Kevin will have performed in Ireland plus the biggest arenas across the UK plus stop offs in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Singapore and major cities in both South Africa and Australia.

Kevin Hart is currently the hottest US comedy property on stage today and if Hollywood wants to exploit his huge social media marketing power than he is not complaining. His twitter banner says it all  –

My name is Kevin Hart and I WORK HARD!!! That pretty much sums me up!!! Everybody Wants To Be Famous But Nobody Wants To Do The Work!   

5 wilki things you may know or not know about this very famous and hard working comedy actor –

  1. Kevin Hart was born on July 6, 1979 (he’s 36) and raised by his single mother, Nancy Hart. His father, Henry Robert Witherspoon, a cocaine addict, was in and out of jail throughout most of Kevin’s childhood.
  2. He began pursuing a career in stand-up comedy using his natural ability to make people laugh as a coping mechanism to deal with his family struggles and to stay out of trouble. But Hart’s first gig under the name of Lil Kev, did not go well. After initial setbacks, he began entering comedy competitions throughout Massachusetts, and his fortunes soon turned for the better.
  3. After an early period of attempting to imitate other comedians, he found his own rhythm by delving into his insecurities and life experiences. “Because of what I do, it has to be an open book,” he has said. “But right now this is a book that is being written.”
  4. Hart has cited fellow Philadelphian Bill Cosby as a personally significant comedic influence. “When you talk about your flaws, people gravitate towards you,” Hart said in Rolling Stone magazine. He had found his comedy groove and sold out shows, national stand up tours, million selling DVDs, primetime TV shows and movies followed.
  5. The biggest star in world stand-up stands up only five feet, four inches tall. He was ‘Lil Kev’ – now this big star is top of the world.

If you are lucky enough to have tickets for the 3 Arena in Dublin enjoy. If you haven’t here’s a few clips of Kevin Hart at work.

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