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Katherine Lynch wants Leo Varadkar in The George

Katherine Lynch says ‘HE CAN BE TRUSTED’.

The comedian and Dancing With the Stars finalist has given her full support to Leo as Ireland’s first openly gay leader. Throughout her career Katherine Lynch has become a gay icon as she performs a lot in LGBT venues. However she has stated that she wants to see the new Taoiseach hitting the scene in support of his community.

Katherine exclusively told the Irish Sun: “Leo is fantastic because he doesn’t put his sexuality first.

“He’s a human, then a politician who just happens to be gay. I think he can be trusted because he was honest about his sexuality.”

Although Katherine fully supports him she thinks our new Taoiseach said needs to put himself out here more. She said she has never bumped into him at her gigs in The George or other clubs.

Katherine added: “I’m an honorary gay and, apart from one gala, I’ve never seen Leo in the George or anywhere else. It’s funny because Enda Kenny, the former Taoiseach, has been in Panti Bar so Leo needs to get himself out on the gay scene more.”

The singing Bernie Walsh star stepped away from comedy to join RTE’s Dancing With The Stars this year.

She admits it will be tough tuning in to watch the 2018 season. Katherine said: “I will be looking at the new cast going ‘get off my show’.

“That’s the sort of connection I had to it. Hands down it was the best experience of my life.

“So I’d tell anyone who gets the call say ‘yes’.”

Last week she was back on the scene taking part in Comedy Showhouse. She took part in two different shows. She hosted Funny Girl which explores the secrets and tips of writing comedy for stage, radio & screen with Stefanie Preissner (RTE’s Can’t Cope Won’t Cope); Brona C. Titley (Ch4’s 8 Out of 10 Cats) and Alison Spittle (stand up star & new RTE Two series). She also teamed up with Fiona Looney as a panelist on Don’t Quote Me. You can listen back to these shows over the summer on RTE Radio One.



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