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VIDEO: How HBO comedy curbed Kanye West’s enthusiasm …

In 2010, someone uploaded a clip of Kanye West’s improv sitcom HBO pilot to YouTube and nobody noticed. Now grintagers it’s time for you to judge!

6 years and many albums later, Kanye West’s HBO comedy pilot was recently re-discovered. Now we have a preview of one of the most fascinating failed comedy pilots of all time.

[Executive Producer Larry] Charles reported the show is roughly Kanye’s version of Larry David’s show, “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” an idea that Kanye thought up himself.

‘I’m the black Larry David.’ – That’s the first thing he said to me (said Charles about West). So it’s like a Kanye-and-‘Curb’ show, it’s kind of improvised about the situations and stuff”.

Despite that fact the scripts that was very Curb-esque. HBO ordered a half-hour show. So Kanye went ahead and feeling confident instead sent them a one-hour episode – only to have it returned by the network with the instructions to chop it by half for proper consideration.

The clip below is a merely a 3 minute taster but we are confident that’s more than enough for you to make your mind up about Kanye’s (failed) attempt at a comedy pilot!

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