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WATCH: Judi Dench is a Shoplifter!

‘The (new) Tracey Ullman Show’ has just made its debut on HBO in America and soon on TV screens around the world.  

Back in 1987 the British comedian was discovered by America as she starred in her very own … ahem … ‘The Tracey Ullman Show‘. This was a variety series on Fox based mostly on sketch comedy where Tracey played a variety of different characters. It ran for four seasons and was hugely successful. Now she has returned in more ways than one.

I just can’t be one person, it’s ridiculous,” Ullman told IndieWire. “I just love this [sketch comedy] form, and every seven years or so it seems, I get it together and I impersonate the age group around me that gets old with me. I enjoy being different people.”

What’s really got us excited is her spot-on impressions of some powerful women like Judi Dench, Angela Merkel and Maggie Smith.

“There are a few national treasures, and they can get away with anything,” Ullman said. “Wouldn’t it be funny if Judi goes around scratching cars and shoplifting?”

She states that her favourite was Merkel “I always wanted to impersonate her. She’s one of the best ones because I don’t think anyone really knows what she’s like, she’s a mystery woman. I like being Merkel. I gave her a twist – I bet she thinks she’s a sexy woman.” Is her impression better than Barry Murphy’s in RTE’s Pictorial Weekly? 

The first episode is just out but Ullman has already finished filming season 2! She’s some woman for One woman.




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