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Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Channing Tatum in a Musical!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is currently in talks to direct musical comedy Wingmen.

Levitt has a lot of experience in the film industry. He received Golden Globe nominations for his performances in 50-50 and 500 Days Of Summer. He has also written the highly successful Don Jon and to add to the mix he also co-writes with Michael Bacall (21 Jump Street).

As well as directing the new musical he plans on re-uniting with Channing Tatum and starring alongside him in the film. The pair will also produce the film which follows a pair of pilots who are forced to crash-land in Las Vegas. This will mark their third film together after 2005 thriller Havoc and 2008 Iraq war drama Stop-Loss.

It has been described as “Pitch Perfect meets Book of Mormon”.

Rumour has it that the pair were set to be the stars of 20th Century Fox’s Guys and Dolls remake in 2013, but it is unclear what the status of the project is.

However, Gordon-Levitt admitted the musical idea prompted the two song-and-dance men to seriously consider working together again.

“He’s a really good friend of mine, so we’ve talked about trying to make a musical together,” he said. “He can dance his a** off obviously and I like to sing and dance and we want to make some kind of musical; we’re trying to figure out what it can be. Guys and Dolls was one idea that we’ve been talking about.”

Check out Tatum singing and dancing in Hail Caesar!





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