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WATCH – John Bishop’s professional debut on RTE …

He maybe one of the world’s hottest comics but Liverpool’s John Bishop reckons he owes much of his massive success to his early days gigging in Ireland.

He told the the Liverpool Echo how it was the Irish who first made him feel like he could be a professional comedian.

“The Irish were the first ones who made me think I could make a career out of this, if I’m honest. I just have a real great affinity for the audiences there and the people,” he said. And he reckons the best way to return the love we’ve shown him over the years is by gigging in every county in Ireland! “It will be smaller venues, hotels or church halls or who knows.”

And speaking of how he started out, it was on the Irish TV show The Liffey Laugh (Sideline Prods) that John Bishop made his first ever professional appearance. The producers were keen to book some of the best new talent and none more delivered on their potential. Recorded in 2006 at Dublin’s Vicar Street for RTE2, John had only chucked in his Manchester-based sales job the day before. After that performance he was quickly back doing live gigs in Ireland and soon became a regular team member on RTE’s long running comedy chat series The Panel.

John has now emerged as one of the best stand-ups in the world… and it all started in Dublin & RTE2. And considering the amount of time he has spent here, it’s fair to says he ‘gets’ us. Watch here this pretty honest take on the best and fastest team sport in the world – the Irish game of Hurling.

John has live Irish gigs coming up in 2017. Search archive stories for more info.



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