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JOE.ie Nominees For Funniest Man Of The Year

JOE.ie, the men’s lifestyle website that covers everything from manliness to MMA are looking for your opinion on who is the funniest person in Ireland. Thanks to the beauty of democracy YOU can decide who you think deserves the title.

The initial voting line-up included The Rubberbandits who asked to be removed:

So JOE.ie added them to a new lineup of somewhat famous artists…


The amended line-up includes David O’Doherty, Al Porter, The Viper from Hardy Bucks and Tommy Tiernan. It’s going to be tough deciding who to vote for as it’s a classic line-up of Irish comedy. Did they miss out on anyone? Let us know…

Vote now at www.joe.ie/life-style/joe-men-of-the-year-awards-2015-funnyman-of-the-year/520852



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