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Jimmy Kimmel Is Setting Up A Production Company

Montgomery, Kimmel set up a production company. 

Comedian and chat show host Jimmy Kimmel is teaming up with the former president of ITV America, Brent Montgomery on a new production venture.

Kimmelot will become part of Wheelhouse Entertainment, the New York- and LA-based firm Montgomery unveiled in January after leaving ITV America.

Kimmel, host of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, will become a partner in Wheelhouse as part of the deal.

Wheelhouse Entertainment was launched as a talent partnership and content factory and Kimmelot will serve as a “creative lab” as part of that, operating in the unscripted, scripted, digital and app/mobile-based areas.


Montgomery’s three-year tenure running ITV America saw it make strategic investments in celebrity-based content deals, forging partnerships with John Cena, Michael Strahan and Bethenny Frankel.

Kimmel said: “Brent’s vision for Wheelhouse Entertainment is simple and brilliant and I knew immediately that I wanted to be part of it. Brent and I have a nice balance of monkey and business. Kimmelot will be a place where ideas are made real, from concept to completion.”

“There’s a saying – ‘If you want something done, give it to a busy person,” Montgomery said. “That sentiment, along with Jimmy’s talent, heart, creative curiosity and crazy stamina make him an enigmatic superhero of comedy, and of writing, producing and industry building. From The Man Show to the Emmys, the Oscars, and keeping Jimmy Kimmel Live! appointment viewing 16 years in, Jimmy’s reach is unrivaled in entertainment and way beyond – and most importantly, he’s just the greatest guy.”

“We’re both excited to build a haven for the best talent in the business that want to cut through some of the proverbial red tape and get stuff done,” Montgomery added. “I’m truly humbled to collaborate with Jimmy in our Wheelhouse/Kimmelot partnership, and am ready for the ride of a lifetime.”



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