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Jim Jefferies Came To Ireland To Talk To Tara Flynn About The 8th

The Fight to Repeal the Irish Abortion Ban

Australian comedian Jim travels to Ireland to chat with comedian Tara Flynn about the Irish abortion ban and invites a virulently anti-abortion politician to London to discuss his views.

Jefferies and Flynn and old friends and she talks him through her story and the impact that the 8th Amendment has on this country.


 Right now if anyone is found to have procured an abortion in Ireland can face up to 14 years in prison. To hear both sides of the story Jefferies decided to interview the leader of the National Party and anti-abortion campaigner Justin Barrett. This man founded the ‘Abortion Never’ campaign and has some very strong views. He has no problem calling people associated with abortion ‘baby killers’ and ‘murderers’. He also truly believes that any doctors that perform an abortion should receive the death penalty.
Jim Jefferies does not have this same view and to give him a little taste of his own medicine, he made Barrett fly to England to do the interview even though he was originally based in Dublin. 12 Irish women a day have to fly to England to get a basic medical procedure.
He didn’t make it easy on him either. Jefferies organised a very long taxi ride with an annoying passenger just to make him that bit more uncomfortable.
Once the interview began it is evident that Jefferies struggles to keep a straight face at Barretts very strong beliefs. Barrett refers to Irish women getting ‘casual’ abortions to coincide with their holidays.
He literally says: “Oh I’m going on holiday. I think I’ll go and get an abortion so it doesn’t upset my holiday plans.”


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