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VIDEO – Colm Meaney’s worst movie?

The film is THE YANK & it also starred Hardy Buck lead Martin Maloney.

Irish acting legend Colm Meaney says plenty of scathing things about the film that escaped in 2012, but wisely side-steps from actually naming it. Thankfully, due to the power of the internet (and US site Click) we have deduced its called The Yank.

The script is about a middle-aged Irish-American called Tom Murphy (played by director and writer Sean Lackey) who ends up going to Ireland for a friend’s wedding. There he finally has the perfect chance to find what he’s always wanted – a gorgeous Irish girl to make his wife. But the Ireland as seen through his ‘star spangled green guinness glasses’ doesn’t turn out to be the Ireland he was expecting (Begorrah).

Shot on location in Cleveland as well as in Dublin and across Ireland, The Yank so bad it qualified as the worst film-making memory of our national treasure Colm Meaney.

In memory of The Yank we’re going to share a bottle of whiskey in the office pig sty, go to a Céilí and start a fight. Like you do.

Here’s the trailer.  Sorry to ruin your day. Some films should be left in the can!



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