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Irish Rappers New Mixtape: Dublin City G’s

Dublin Rap Duo,  Versatile has just dropped their new mixtape. 

Casper Walsh and Eskimo Supreme are the two halves of Versatile. Think mid-90’s, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. The duo have already released a long list of singles including  ‘Mad Scene’, ‘She Goes Out With A Redhot’, ‘We Sell Brown’, ‘Whopper Trips’ and ‘Who Robbed The Hash From The Gaf’.


Their track Mad Scene has received over a million views on YouTube.


On November 1st they just released their brand new mixtape Dublin City G’s. Have a listen below:



Written by Casper Walsh & Eskimo Supreme

Produced & Mastered by Evan Kennedy (DJ BUCKWILD)


00:0000:27 – Intro

00:2704:27 – Dublin City G’s

04:2807:19 – DoneDeal Season

07:2010:54 – Your Aul One

10:5513:15 – Pollen Deluxe Vol.1 (Interlude)

13:1616:41 – GBG (Casper Walsh)

16:4220:04 – Scorching Again

20:0523:20 – On The Float (Eskimo Supreme)

23:2126:45 – Glossary





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