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Irish Comedian flirts Badly with Sansa Stark.

The Stark sisters from Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams had a night out in Belfast Tuesday night. They went to comedian Simon O’Keefe’s gig in the Empire Comedy Club.

While performing Simon took a Tesco voucher out of his wallet and offered it to the crowd. This is when Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark pipes up claiming she wants it. Sophie told him her first name and he proceeded to question her not yet recognising her. See the video above and watch it unfold.

“Asked the crowd if anyone wanted a Tesco voucher I found in my wallet digging out something else for a bit, an English girl shouted out she did, told me she was an actress named Sophie, wouldnt tell me her last name or what she’d been in, turns out it was Sophie Turner who plays Sansa Strak in Game of Thrones (with Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark) but I didn’t know this at the time”


Sophie and Maisie at the ‘Empire Laughs Back Comedy Club’ in Belfast yesterday!

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