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Ilana Glazer, Gina Rodriguez, Rachel Bloom, & More Comedy Actresses Chat

Here’s another fascinating insight into acting craft from The Hollywood Reporter’s Roundtable. 

Six of TV’s leading ladies – Allison Janney (‘Mom’), Lily Tomlin (‘Grace and Frankie’), Gina Rodriguez (‘Jane the Virgin’), Rachel Bloom (‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’), Niecy Nash (‘Getting On’), and Ilana Glazer (‘Broad City’) – open up about Hollywood’s definition of gender, power and those patronizing little “pats” on the back.

In this hour-long discussion, different topics are brought up including thoughts on fans, gender, and starting out in Hollywood. Rachel Bloom discusses meeting fans: “I have boundary issues in that I have none. So sometimes when people recognize me from the show, I geek out over them geeking out about me to the point where they have to walk away.”

Ilana Glazer talks about creating a role for herself  “To me, it’s almost scary to not have the control. Because of ‘Broad City,’ I’ve gotten other roles, and, man, I’m so used to bossing people around. I love the control of creating the project, but I also like the challenge of showing up and doing an acting assignment.”

Lily Tomlin is brutally honest and discusses working for money” Tomlin was then asked when she started to take money into account when deciding on roles. She said, “When most of your life has been spent, and you have less of that to look forward to, theoretically you start thinking about, ‘Well, will I have enough money to live it out or will I have to cut back on my lifestyle?’ Lots of practical things come into play. I used to turn down lots of things. I would never do anything for the money before.”




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