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How to get your show on Comedy Centrals Punkanary On-Demand

Punkanary is the world’s first comedy channel powered by the “crowd” of creators, fans, producers and broadcasters.

It’s a channel for discovering comedy productions that dare to be original, and where creators and fans work together to make hilarious content.

Everyone can upload their show to the Punkanary platform, and the very best are screened on the Punkanary On-Demand Channel.

How to get your content on the Punkanary On-Demand Comedy Channel

Step 1Create a page for your show on Punkanary

Step 2: Get 100 fans to follow your show to demonstrate how awesome it is

Step 3: You’re done!

There’s 147 shows and nearly 1,500 fans signed up already 

What content goes on Punkanary On-Demand?

Punkanary is all about comedy that dares to be original, whether that’s a series of sketches, episodes, animations, or short film.

The important thing is it’s an original comedy production (so not a remake of an existing show, or a documentary about life in the jurassic era, unless it’s amusingly put together).

“We consider every show that hits 100 fans for the on-demand channel. When you reach this point we’ll talk to you about the best next steps.”

For some inspiration here are the top 15 most followed shows on Punkanary right now.

1st – Core of Monkos
2nd – Hot Desk
3rd – Scrap of Success

4th – Those Three Girls

5th – When You Hit Rothbottom
6th – The Biscuit Barrel

7th – The Bots Next Door

8th – Starfish Advertising

9th – Ledingham and Elm’s Well Fired Comedy
11th – Knock Door. Run.
12th – Alpang Cloak
13th – Neagle and Samad
14th – Third Leg Studios Sketches
15th – Vloggers



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