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How Louis CK Makes Everything Funny

Louis CK is one of the most respected comedians in the world.

And part of it is because he seems so effortlessly funny. There’s no big action like Jim Carrey or Robin Williams, no elaborately clever set ups, just simple truths that make audiences crack up

But it’s not that simple. Because while the truth makes for good art, it isn’t always funny. Louis CK has devised a way of delivering his stories and jokes in packages that are different from what most of us do. And because of that he’s able to create hilarious moments from everyday commentary. Today we’re going to explore 3 of Louis techniques that will make you make just about anything funnier

1:00 Louis CK times it where this Stephen Colbert clip shows
4:24 Louis CK repeats the punchline like in this Jimmy Fallon clip
7:27 Louis CK acts his jokes out like in The Tonight Show and more

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