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How funny is the Rose Of Tralee?

 The Rose of Tralee International Festival Final is tonight!

For all of you who live outside Ireland this is a traditional ‘lovely girl’ competition that attracts entrants of Irish descent from mostly Ireland, UK and USA. 

The festival includes fashion shows, parades and music events in the Dome.  As 2018 will be it’s 59th year running we look back on some silly and funny moments through the years.

1st a wedding proposal live on TV. After her fiancee proposed to New Orleans Rose Molloy Gambel she repeatedly says “No, no, no, not here, no…” until eventually she did say yes!

Just like that! Dublin Rose Róisín Lyons casually strips down.


This Rose talks about how much she loves Aston Villa but when she gets a surprise from one of the players she doesn’t even know his name!

That time the roses finally couldn’t handle Daithi any longer!

Then Daithi was forced into this.

Daithi Oshea

Some of the talents on show are dodgy. Here her talent is to make a dolphin noise!

How about when the Longford rose referred to her parents as ‘simple’.. in front of them… on live television.


This Irish mammy attempting to kick a dog in the VR?

mammy klicking dog

The Dublin Rose tried to go where no one has gone before and refuse to Irish dance. People were not impressed.

Daithi tests out Ann Doyle’s shoes..

For those of you who don’t have a clue what The Rose Of Tralee is, watch Clisare explain.

Still the show regularly attracts a million viewers. Go on you good thing!




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