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Jim Carrey searches for Elvis

To mark Elvis Presley’s last ever live concert 40 years ago today (26 Jun 1977) watch two legends of American comedy exploring the No.1 legend of American music. 

The video below is the last song he ever performed in front of a live audience  in the city of Indianapolis (Indiana) USA.

There has always been theories that Elvis didn’t die and he was in hiding. Top comedy actor Jim Carrey decided to investigate this in a skit on US TV show In Living Color.

As a reporter he sets off to ‘discover’ Elvis and when he goes to tranquillize him with fellow local hunters Elvis ATTACKS!

Legendary character actor Andy Kaufman does his Elvis Presley impersonation and sings his hits “Love Me” and “Blue Suede Shoes“. This was Andy Kaufman’s first appearance on the “Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” in 1977.




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