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VIDEO: 5 Eddie Izzard jokes told through LEGO!

For some reason some of Eddie Izzard’s sketches have been re-enacted in Lego form by eager fans.

Trail blazing comedian Eddie – renowned film actor and stage comedian – still has a family home in the North of Ireland and made his full Irish debut on a 3 night run at the Gasworks International Comedy Club on the south Dublin quays in 1992. The night before he made an unannounced appearance at the Comedy Cellar in Wicklow Street on behest of his good friend Barry Murphy then a member of the resident sketch trio Mr. Trellis.

Below 5 of our favourite Eddie Izzard Lego tributes.

1. Cake or Death?

2. Horse Riding

3. Supermarkets and Trolleys

4.  Death Star Canteen

5. Covered in Bees

Grintage asked Eddie to comment about his fans making these Lego videos to animate his most famous jokes  but unfortunately the reply we got from Mr Izzard didn’t make too much sense!



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