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Irish female vlogger scores TV Comedy Pilot

Comedy vlogger Doireann Garrihy has revealed that she is working on a comedy pilot for RTÉ.

The Spin 1038 presenter revealed: “I’m working on a comedy pilot for RTÉ. It’ll be impressions I’d say, probably blogger impressions but also other stuff, to appeal to a wider audience.”

She is hoping to include the best of her impressions for RTE and recently uploaded a new video this time impersonating Just Jordan and Rosie Connolly. But like all good comedy on TV – it’s all about the writing and as so many recent RTE comedy series were centred on talented mimics and comedy actors ‘taking off others’ it can go pear faced if the idea hasn’t got a couple of aces up sleeves in the overall production – including big game writers, supporting cast and fresh execution. Fine for a short you-tube blast – but much harder nailing a half hour comedy format. Let’s hope the budget and the team is there to make sure Doireann succeeds. Or maybe she starts on RTE Digital to create a mini nursery for the writers, comic direction and elevate her own performance before she goes to TV? Great though to see new talent breaking through.
But as you can see below she is aware of the pitfalls.

“It’s still all up in the air and we’re working away on it, there’s no real time frame on it. I’m kind of glad about that. I’d rather spend time on it and get it right than throw up something that isn’t right. So it’s exciting.”



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