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David O’Doherty Shows His Support The Yes Vote

David O’Doherty joins the list of Irish Celebrities to make a public plea to Vote Yes May 25th.

The Irish comedian took to twitter stating that this would be his first official vlog and his last. The short, video was created to show is support in repealing the Eighth Amendment and urging other to vote Yes on Friday 25 May.

“This Friday, we have an opportunity to make Ireland into a more kind and compassionate place for our sisters and friends, who, for whatever reason, may find themselves in a crisis pregnancy,” he began.

“A lot of people are going to vote No. They want the situation that we have at the moment to stay the same,” O’Doherty continued.

“But if you can find a place in your heart, even if you personally disagree, but just can see how other people – maybe in a circumstance completely different to yours – might have a different perspective, then please join me in voting Yes to repeal the Eighth Amendment of the Irish Constitution,” he concluded.




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