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Dark Comedy Play From Derry Girls Writer

If you’re a fan of Derry Girls then you will love this play.

There isn’t much to be said about Derry Girls that we haven’t said before. It’s hilarious, moving, award-winning and we want more!

They are set to start filming season 2 in October which means there will be a while to wait yet until it graces our screens. If that seems too long that we have something that may help tide you over.

Derry Girls writer, Lisa McGee has written an award-winning play called Girls and Dolls and it is coming to Ireland.  The play has some similarities to the TV show, focusing on Derry during the 1980s. It also stars Jamie-Lee O’Donnell who plays Michelle in Derry Girls and Jennifer Barry who starred in The Young Offenders.

Here is what the show is about:

Emma and Clare are thick as thieves – skipping, chasing, playing in the park. But the terrible events of that summer would tear their lives apart, binding them together forever. As adults, they obsessively replay past events and incidents. Could anything have been done to change them?

For Emma and Clare, it was the summer they met at the swings, the summer they built a tree house and the summer a young mother and her infant daughter moved into number fourteen. Now in their 30s, Emma and Clare struggle to come to terms with the chain of devastating events that began that summer.


Speaking to Joe.ie O’Donnell said “It’s a black comedy and it’s very funny. It nails that Irish humour that Lisa is so good at. You know, finding the humour in the situations that aren’t overtly funny and somehow seeing the silver lining. It’s all about how people use humour as a coping mechanism to get through situations,”

“It’s set during The Troubles but it’s not actually about them. You’re seeing it through the eyes of two 10-year-old girls and they don’t see it as The Troubles, they just see it as their normal life. Her writing is very unique. The comedy side of it reminds me of Martin McDonagh’s work because the jokes were very subtle and not instantly jumping out at you, but they’re very funny and it’s up to the audience to really take them in,” said Barry.


You can go see Girls and Dolls in The Gaiety Theatre, Dublin from 11-15 September.



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