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Comedy Pet Photography Awards 2017

Do you have hundreds of photos of your pet and don’t know what to do with them? Well this is the competition for you.

A few days a go we showed you the Best Entries For Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017 and they were hilarious. Now for the first time the founders of the wildlife awards created photography competition for pet lovers.

The competition is now closed from over 2500 entries the judges have whittled it down to the last finalists. Check them out below.


Jim Zuckerman photographed his dog in Franklin, US


Esra Tatar snapped this cat pulling a face in Kuching, Belgium


Brecht Van Gampelaere snapped this cat posing on a podium in Gent, Belgium


Vincent Guilbaud captures a wolf appearing to perform for his pack in Canada


Annie McMillan caught her cat going for a ride in Sioux Falls, US


Connie Fore photographed this dog eyeing up a treat in Columbus, US


John Banas snapped his cat enjoying a toilet bath in Des Plaines, Illinois


Gabriel Constantin Marian snapped a shocked cat in Suceava, Romania


Alice van Kempen caught this silhouette of her two dogs in Rockanje, Netherlands


Liz Hammond caught her goat on a happy day in Warwickshire, England


Anne Lise Gramstad photographed her windswept dog at Ogna beach, Norway


Nando Harmsen caught this horse having a prance in Gemert, Netherlands


Erika Hetzel caught her dog enjoying the wind in Wisconsin, US


Nathan Schmidt snapped his two dogs having an accidental fight in Grand Rapids, US



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