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Comedian Roy Walker Sailing Around The World At 78

It’s never too late to buy a boat and sail around the world. 

At the age of 78 TV legend Roy Walker has decided to mark his birthday next year by buying a boat and sailing around the world.

A close source said: “Roy has always been a keen sailor and fancied going on a big voyage. He’s getting close to his 80th birthday, is still in good health and has decided, ‘It’s now or never’. Roy isn’t foolish though, and is going to navigate the waters around the British and Irish coasts first, just to get a feel for it, before setting out into the wider ocean. He loves being alone in the ocean and is prepared to spend up to a year on his travels. He is in good health, and realises that at his age he needs to be more careful, but he really wants to fulfil this dream.”

Roy Walker was born in Belfast. The comedian worked in a shop in the 60’s during the troubles. During this time he was confronted by two men who claimed he supported Irish Independence and threatened him to close down the shop at gunpoint. The shop was destroyed and Roy moved to Britain where he began touring as a professional comedian.

He is best known for hosting the game show Catchphrase between 1985 and 1999


He regularly works as a stand-up comedian on cruises – entertaining passengers on ships traveling to the Middle East.

Explaining his love of the voyages, Roy explained: “I’m surrounded by sand and doing as little as possible. Playing to the English and Germans every night. Pure showbiz.”



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