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Comedian Al Foran Takes On Floyd Mayweather

A fight between our own Conor McGregor and retired boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is becoming close to reality and Irish impressionist Al Foran gave us a taste of what might be to come. 

At an event in Birmingham Al Foran took on Mayweather with his top class McGregor impression. 

“I mean Floyd, Dublin is a 35 minute flight from here,” he begins.”You said give the fans what they want. Let’s give them what the f**k they want. The half a billion dollar fight. You can’t deny the fighting Irish.”

The superstar seemed to enjoy himself as Al Foran introduced him to a few other characters such as Jo Pesci, Robert DeNiro, President Donald Trump and Mike Tyson.

Floyd has previously said that he’s not sure if a fight with the Irishman will happen: “I don’t know if the fight is going to happen,” he said in a recent interview. “If it did happen that would be my last, my final fight. It can be the biggest fight in the history of the sport, we just don’t know.”






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