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NEWS – Clisare’s Irish Bucket List Book

 7 months ago Irish YouTuber Clare Cullen aka Clisare uploaded this heartwarming video calling her father telling him some good news.

She had just found out that she was going to be releasing a book based on her YouTube series ”the Irish Bucket List‘. The title is pretty self explanatory but it includes loads of videos of Clisare as she says herself  “travels around Ireland completing all the cool things there is to do in Ireland – like a “Bucket List” of things you have to do in Ireland while you’re here, whether visiting or living”

Clisare was very passionate about this book and put her heart and soul into it. It was due out next month. However the Mayo woman has just announced that her book has been cancelled. It’s safe to say ourselves and all her fans are absolutely gutted. If Clisare does decide to do a kickstarter for the book we urge you to help her out.

There is good news though. Clisare along with James Mitchell and Sean Connolly have been chosen as  YouTube ambassadors of Ireland. The three of them will be working alongside YouTube to build the Irish YouTube Community. Glad to be of help.



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