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‘Chatty Man’ Alan Carr getting married in Belfast!!

Comedian Alan Carr is contemplating having his forthcoming same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland – just to wind everybody up!

TV’s ‘Chatty Man’ was in Eason’s store in Belfast recently to sign copies of his new book ‘Alanatomy’.

And, as usual, he was full of banter. Alan got engaged to his long-term partner just last month. When asked about his wedding plans, he said: “I might just come and have it here – just to p… you lot off!’

And he certainly wasn’t lost for words when discussing the ongoing ban on same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland – which has been yet again making headlines this week.

“Come on – get with it – love is love is love. You never know, I might inspire them (referring to the DUP) – although that might even make the ban longer. It’s outrageous – forward thinking. Everyone’s turning gay – I’m thinking of going straight because it’s getting boring. Everyone’s gay now – tell that to Stormont!”



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