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Celebrate Pride With Al Porter

We can’t celebrate Pride in Ireland with out giving a shout out to one of our favourite gay comedians, Al Porter. 

This man has become a household name now in Ireland and only good things can be said. Currently he is hosting the lunchtime show on Today FM on 12 – 2:30pm weekdays and also appearing at various comedy tents and festivals around the country. The comedian is going to be the host of the new Irish Blind Date.

Not only is he such a positive role model for the LGBT youth but for anyone who takes the time to listen to what he has to say. There is a lot more to Al Porter than being gay and funny. 

He talked about a lot of issues in todays society on the Brendan O’Connor show, cutting edge. He talked openly about anti-depressants and talks about the stigma attached to taking them. Deciding to do this only hours before the show where he had to call his mother to warn her.


In April he donated €10,000 towards the first ever Irish Comic Relief.

Al Porter Donates €10,000 To Comic Relief

The man can sing:


He reached out to Leaving Cert students and gave them some amazing advice. “It’s nonsense. I managed to get 580 points (years of theatre as a kid meant I was used to memorising lines) but the route I chose was entirely wrong,”.


And of course, he is hilarious. Here he is performing live at the Hammersmith Apollo.





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