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WATCH: Carol Burnett Returns to TV Comedy

Comedy goddess Amy Poehler is producing yet another new comedy pilot to add to her list of shows including Broad City and Difficult People & Parks and Recreation.  

This time she is bringing the legendary US comedy actress Carol Burnett with her. The show is about a family who get to buy their dream house, but there’s one catch. They have to let the owner of the house (Carol) live with them until she dies.

The untitled show is written and co-executive produced by Michael Saltzman and will air on ABC. To make it all the sweeter Burnett actually helped Saltzman start off in the industry.

“She presented a check with no contract or conditions,” he says. “Her only instruction was to write anything—a play, a musical, a TV show, a movie, a poem. It didn’t matter. She just wanted to give someone she believed in their start.”

Poehler is also a huge fan of Burnett’s work and alongside Tina Fey she presented her with a Lifetime Achievement Award this year. “We watched Carol with our moms,” Poehler says. “Our moms taught us 90 percent of what we needed to know to be the kind of women we are today. And the other 10 percent is Carol.”

Watch Carol Burnett being honored with America’s No.1 Comedy Award – The Mark Twain Prize – in 2013.





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