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Burger King Tries To Trick Customers & Fails

If you watch the ad above you might not get it straight away.

The video description is ‘The WHOPPER® sandwich has so many freshly prepared, delicious ingredients that we can’t list them all in just :15. Turn up the volume before playing.’

So if you were watching this on your smartphone without headphones there’s a chance that this ad triggered your voice activation and googled ‘What is a Whopper Burger’. However the pranksters got pranked right back and their trick failed in a big way.

The people of the internet were quick on the mark as usual and decided to the edit the Wikipedia Whopper Burger entry claiming it contains “cyanide” ,“toenail clippings” and “rat meat”.

Usually any one is allowed to edit a Wiki page and it will stay there until it is reviews. In this circumstance Wikipedia have temporarily suspended the ability to edit the product’s entry on its site.

Burger King president José Cil told Buzzfeed News that the company “saw it as a technology to essentially punch through that fourth wall”, and added that it was a “cool way to connect directly with our guests”.






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