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BOOK NEWS: David O’Doherty is getting more dangerous …

What can’t this man do? As well as being a comedian, singer, actor and author, he is also a ‘dangerologist‘.

Irish comedian David O’Doherty has now added to his book series ‘Danger is Everywhere’ with the release of ‘School of Danger’.

Ronan Long Gets It Wrong was his first kids book which was published in 2001. Back in 2014 he released his first book of the kids series ‘Danger is Everywhere’ with ‘A handbook for avoiding danger’. He states that the point of this book is the remind people that danger is everywhere and then step 2 is how to become a dangerologist.


Even though the book is intended for children David says if your a legend you can read it!

Last year he released the second book in series titled “Beware of the Dog’.

Now he has just released his third book “School of Danger”.


As we all know schools are full of danger! Now that Halloween is officially over so begins the talk of Christmas presents and we couldn’t recommend this series more for any kids you know.

“It’s not like there’s a better layer of comedy. The stuff I return to is Blackadder, Faulty Towers and The Fast Show. I guess there is a childishness to them, but maybe there’s just a childishness to laughing: farting and people falling over is funny.”




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