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BINGE WATCH – Trump 2016

One of the major events of 2016 was the American Presidential campaign. 

It turned into an unbelievable battle between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton ending with victory with the millionaire ex reality TV star.  Leading up to the vote wherever you looked they were there, you couldn’t escape. Although the result was grim we tried to look at the funny side and laugh it off.

Here is some of our top Trump articles from the past year.


Scottish busker in Killarney Co Kerry makes us a hilarious song about Trump.

VIDEO – Hilarious Donald Trump song on Election Day


A lot of jokes are pointed towards his orange colour or his confusing hair but here is a photoshop battle based solely on his chin.

Trump Image Sparks Photoshop Frenzy!

ZAPP presents … Famous Trump Quotes!

VIDEO – Donald Trump & FUTURAMA

Here is how us Irish feel about the man himself.

WATCH – Irish People React to America’s PRESIDENT TRUMP!

It is Christmas after all so here is a full playlist of Christmas parodies based on Trump and  his Scrooge like ways.

WATCH – The Donald Trump Christmas Collection

If you are Irish  – or any immigrant group without legal status – best of luck living in America in 2017.



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