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BINGE – Top Brexit Posts of 2016

2016 has been a hectic year and one of the things that definitely caused a stir was the Brexit vote in the summer.

We tried to see the funny side of it so here are some of the top grintage articles covering Brexit including our No.1 post of 2016 – the global hit Foils Arms & Hogs sketch WTF is Brexit? .

Let’s just say Clisare wasn’t too happy about the arrangement. “Europeans often like to think we’re smarter than other nations. Britain has well and truly proved us wrong”

Video – See Clisare’s Brexit Rant

Dara O’Briain flaunts his highly valuable Irish passport on Mock the Week.

WATCH – Mock the Week, Brexit & Irish passports

Foil Arm and Hog’s sketch ‘WTF is Brexit’ helped explain to a lot of us WTF it actually is! It also went very very viral!

A lost American roams the streets of the UK trying to figure out what this means.

VIDEO – ‘Brexit’ & Americans? ‘Game Of Thrones’ & ‘Harry Potter’?

Even Hitler himself wasn’t too happy about the situation.

Hitler’s reaction to Brexit

We’ll end on a good note! Just for us ….

VIDEO – The Brex Pistols? Anarchy in the UK



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