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Are You Funny Enough To Enter Ireland’s Got Talent?

Irelands Got Talent Judge Jason Byrne wants more comedians.

A second season fo popular talent show Irelands Got Talent has been confirmed for 2019. Along with Lucy Kenny and Louis Walsh, comedian Jason Byrne has been confirmed as one of the judges.

Speaking to Goss.ie at the TV3’s Upfront event, Jason said, “The standard’s going to be higher now, and the reason why the standard’s going to be higher is because when you have a new show, people aren’t sure whether to enter it.”

“And we were lucky to get some of the acts that we got, they were fantastic. But now, there’s going to be a kick and scramble to get on it, because the production was massive.”

He continued, “There was a solid €50,000 there as a prize, their own show on TV, and like, nobody left there humiliated – they all left stars. Little stars, big stars, old stars, young stars, they all did it, it was great.”

Jason has stated he would really like to see more comedians apply.

He said, “I’m looking forward to seeing maybe more comedians, that’s what I want to see now. I know I said that last year, but now that the show has already been on, we’re going to see a higher calibre comic come on there now.”

Jason laughed, “I would do anything to see Dara O’Brian enter! I’d love to press an ‘X’ on him – it would be so funny!”

However, Jason explained, “The Irish scene is way bigger than you think it is, when you look at the Kilkenny comedy festival, and the Vodafone comedy festival coming up, there are so many acts there.”

“See, when I started out there wasn’t so many of us, because telly wasn’t really a thing. Well, there was television! But comedy on television wasn’t such a big thing and now it is so they’re all wanting to do it.

“They see it as a career now, you know, but we used to do it for the craic – so that’s why we’re all so good, because we’re naturally grown. Organic comics, the rest of them aren’t!” he joked.





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