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And The Winner of BGT 2018 Is…..Lost Voice Guy!

Lost Voice Guy has won Britain’s Got Talent final.

In Third place it’s Donchez and our Runner-Up is Robert White. Fellow comic Robert White came second but reigning victorious and taking the 2018 BGT crown – it’s Lost Voice Guy! And what a deserving Winner he is, he’s had everyone laughing out loud throughout the entire competition, and tonight was more hilair than ever. Congratulations!

Unfortunately, Lee Ridley ( real name ) had injured himself before the live Britain’s Got Talent final.  He suffered a bad fall in his hotel room but that didn’t stop him.

He said he had been ‘blown away’ but the support of judges and the general public, adding: ‘I’ve had so much love from everyone and I’m grateful for it all.’


He said that following his victory: ‘I really hope I get to travel the world and make people laugh’ and joked he would be spending the prize money on getting a Geordie accent for his iPad speech software.

After his first time hosting on his own without Ant, Dec Donnelly suggested having comedians take the top two positions should encourage more comics to enter in future.

He said: ‘We’ve always said comedians struggle on this show – but the good ones do really well’

And asked to explain Lost Voice Guy’s success, the presenter said: ‘He connected with the audience. He was able to go up there and be self-deprecating and let people laugh at him and with him, most importantly.’


He teased the judges, again insinuating David Walliams was gay, with a song to the judge’s mum: ‘Your son’ll come out tomorrow.’

He also suggested Alisha Dixon was a stripper, that Amanda Holden looked like a man, and that Simon Cowell was so old he had Alzheimer’s.



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