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An Irish Version Of ‘Saturday Night Live’!

The makers of Gogglebox are attempting an Irish version of Saturday Night Live. 

We talk a lot about Saturday Night Live here on Grintage. It is one of the best long running comedy shows out there, producing quality current sketches week after week. It has been on the go since 1975 and is getting more popular as time goes by. Any famous person ever in comedy has usually featured in some way on the show and most A-list actors.

Kite Entertainment, have optioned the Irish rights to the US television format Saturday Night Live from NBC Universal. They are hoping that anIrish broadcaster will commission an Irish version of the show.

“We have the rights to go to pitch it to broadcasters and talk to talent about performing and writing for it,” said Kite managing director Darren Smith.

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This has been done before with several other international version but this would be the only other version in the English language.

They would be taking on a very big job to take on with its 2 hour running time.

“There is always an appetite for satire here,” Mr Smith said.

The production company will on Friday evening host a “satire session” at the Dalkey Book Festival featuring Paul Howard, Colm Williamson of Waterford Whispers News and Blindboyboatclub from Rubberbandits.



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