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Alison Spittle ‘Litterbug Hero’

Some lads thought they were hilarious dumping their coffee cup into comedian Alison Spittle’s lovely bike basket.

Well they messed with the wrong girl. Unknowingly they were being watched the whole time and Alison wasn’t having any of it.


She got up, took the coffee cup out of her bike basket and followed him into Bunsen (next door cafe) where she returned the cup to him. We would have paid to see the reaction on the culprit’s face. As Alison put it ‘He was comically sheepish”.


And that my friends is how you deal with litterbugs. Another basket case solved!!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate Alison’s bike?

And fans of Alison can catch her LIVE in The Woolshed on Dublin’s Parnell Street (beside big cinema) on DECEMBER 12th



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