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Al Porter to host lunchtime show on Today FM

Al In The Afternoon is the new lunchtime show on Today Fm.

The comedian Al Porter will be following Dermot & Dave’s show in the morning from 12 – 2:30pm. This comes after Anton Savage left the station last December due to conflict with management.

There was rumours last summer that Al would be working in 2fm after Colm Hayes had recommended him to take over his slot stating: “I would hope that Al would get his own show, yeah,” he said. “I taught Al everything he knows about radio. He’s a bright spark. People talk about chemistry and it’s something that’s so hard to put your finger on, and between me and Al, we had that. He’s also well used to the live element of performing as he has done so much stand-up over the years.

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Looks like Today FM bet their rivals 2fm and swooped in there first and according to a Today Fm insider  “Today FM made Al an offer he couldn’t possibly refuse.”.

There has been a change in schedules and Dermot Whelan and Dave Moore are taking over the 9am to 12pm slot, where previously they had the lunchtime slot.

Today FM CEO Keith McCormack said: “Dermot & Dave have a unique on air chemistry that listeners enjoy and interact with on a daily basis. They consistently keep the listener at the forefront of what they do and have an ear for a great story and what makes the people of Ireland tick.“We’re delighted to launch this brand new show in the coming weeks as it marks what’s set to be an exciting year for Today FM.”

Check out our interview with Al Porter below during the 2016 Comedy Showhouse.




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