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A Tribute To David Letterman

On October 22nd Mark Twain was awarded the Mark Twain prize for American humour

This award is one of the highest honours a comic can earn and he truly deserves it. To read more about the award or the man himself see the article below.

David Letterman Awarded The 2017 Mark Twain Prize for American Humour


“Because of this award, I am now the most humorous person in the world,” Letterman said after receiving the prize, ending his own speech by quoting Mark Twain. “I’m going to wrap this up now with a quote and I hope I get it correct and it has to do with patriotism. And Mark Twain’s definition of patriotism is this: ‘Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves it.'”

To celebrate Letterman receiving the award a number of well known comedians dedicated tributes to him. These include Seth Meyers, Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, Rhys Thomas, Alex Buono and John Mulaney.

Dave’s childhood friends, Ralph Masterson (Fred Armisen) and Sam Cooper (Bill Hader) share special tales of Letterman’s beginnings and how their life experiences were turned into signature bits for Dave.

John Mulaney sat down to talk about his experiences with the comedy legend.

Here’s Bill Murray and Jimmy Kimmel talking about their favourite David Letterman moments as they signed some posters of the event.

After 30 years on late night tv he left The Late Show in 2015.

“No one from his generation influenced American comedy more,” Kimmel said of the late-night host.

“When Dave left 17 long months ago, we had no idea how much trouble we were in. I look at what’s going on now and I think this is your [Letterman’s] fault. All of it. Everything was fine until you went off the air. You abandoned us. You went out for a pack of cigarettes and left us to live with an abusive orange stepfather.”

The Mark Twain Prize ceremony will broadcast on PBS on November 20th.

Watch Red Carpet LIVE from the Mark Twain Prize Honouring David Letterman in the banner video.



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