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A Tribute To Barry Crimmins

Crimmins, a politically outspoken and whip-smart comic whose efforts in the 70s and 80s fostered the talents of the next generation of stand-up comedians.

Just after a month of him announcing his illness Barry Crimmins has passed away. The comedian had been diagnosed with cancer died last week at the age of 64. His wife Helen who has stage four non-Hodgkins lymphoma confirmed the news on his Twitter  Thursday morning.

“Helen here with sad news … Barry passed peacefully yesterday with Bobcat and I,” she wrote, referring to comedian Bobcat Goldthwait. “He would want everyone to know that he cared deeply about mankind and wants you to carry on the good fight. Peace.”

Crimmins was a huge name Boston comedy scene in the 1980s and was known to have influenced and boosted the careers of Stephen Wright, Bobcat Goldthwait and Denis Leary. He was a satirical comic well known for his left-leaning political views.

“We have a presidential election coming up,” he said in a joke he revisited every four years. “I think you’ll agree with me, the big problem is somebody’s going to win.”

He was an advocate for abused children after revealing that he had been raped as a child.

He was the subject of the 2015 documentary “Call Me Lucky,” directed by Goldthwait. It chronicled Mr. Crimmins’s career and his long-suppressed memories of childhood abuse.


Tributes poured in on social media to pay respects to him. Here are just a few:





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